I have four Nars face powders and one eyeshadow duo.  I started out a couple of years ago with the Light Reflecting Setting Powder.  There were such rave reviews about it and I gotta say...the product deserved all the raves.  I've used it over every foundation I've bought in the last two years and it really does make every one look better.  More than that, it is so finely milled that it never goes into my wrinkles and fine lines; especially under my eyes.  This is the perfect powder for mature faces, like mine.  I love this powder so much that I purchased a second one months ago.

Several months ago I decided to try the Nars face powders in a color.  I use such light coverage foundations that I thought it might work to use a finishing powder with a little color to get a little more mileage out of my makeup.  So I purchased the pressed powder in the color Flesh.  As you can see in the swatch of the two colored face powders, flesh has a pink tint.  I think it so closely matches the pink undertones in my skin that I really can't tell any difference when I use it.  I like it; it's a beautiful powder, but it didn't add to the color of the foundation.

So, I decided to go one shade darker.  I the purchased the powder in the color Beach.  As you can see in the swatch, it's yellow toned.  It's perfect over my pink undertoned skin.  Of the two I prefer the color tone of Beach.  I love all the face powders, and I use all three.  I've tried lots of different finishing powders and Nars wins, hands down for my mature skin.

About two weeks ago I purchased the eyeshadow duo in the color Madrague.  It's a duo of a very light beige and mid-toned brown.  These are very powdery and the color payoff is very light.  They give me a very sheer wash of color.  I actually really like the color because they are perfect for work.  I can wear them together or either on their own without having to think about it and I like that.  They have good staying power, but I always use a primer and a finishing spray.  Not sure how they would perform on their own since they are very powdery.  The Nars shadows are expensive and I don't think I'll purchase any more of them because, although they are nice, they're not worth the high end price in my opinion.


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