Top List of Comfort Shoes For Working Women

Here's it is.  I've done the work for you.  I love shoes.  I own a lot of shoes.  But I like being comfortable too.  I want shoes that I can walk in and stand in all day and not be limping home.  This list is in no particular order.  I have a desk job in a medical facility.  I have days when I'm on my feet, on hard floors for most of my work day.  I wear these shoes every day.  They are tried and tested.  I would recommend all these brands for comfort shoes. 

1  Alegria - I own three pairs.  This company primarily makes shoes used for professions like nursing, where you are standing long hours on hard surfaces.  They also make a few styles that can be worn by anyone.  They are big and clunky looking.  They are hot if you wear socks or stockings so I don't.  The saving grace is that they are comfortable.  I can wear them all day and go home with no foot pain.  Here are the ones I own:

2.  Trotters - I own three pairs.  These shoes are very soft and comfortable and they come in really cute styles.  The slingbacks are the first shoes I bought that were specifically comfort shoes.  They were so cute and comfortable I ended up buying two more pair in this brand.  The biggest drawback to this brand is the price; they tend to expensive.

3. Easy Spirit - These shoes are so cute  I wear these T-strap sandals with skirts alot.  They have good arch support and I enjoy wearing them.

4.  Aerosoles - This brand comes in many different styles.  This brand is the softest of the comfort shoes that I own.  I have two loafer styles and one that is a slip on, but more sandal looking. Wearing these shoes is like wearing slippers to work. 

5.  Vionic - Cute and comfortable.  These shoes, though more stylish are much like the Alegria brand.  They are heavy and hot.  They are also very comfortable, which is why I included them in this list.

6.  Hush puppies - Love these.  Comfy and great looking with pants and dresses.  These do look a big clunky, but they are very comfortable.

7.  Lifestride - Sporty.  I wear these with skirts; very cute. My pair is grey, which doesn't go with a lot in my wardrobe, so I don't get that much wear out of them.  They have great arch support and when I do wear them I enjoy them.

8.  Steve Madden Platform Espadrilles - These espadrilles are so cute and the footbed is very cushy.  These are probably the most modern in style of the comfort shoes that I own.  I always get complements on these when I wear them.  They are cute with pants as well as skirts and dresses.


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