What to Add for the Season

I don't need to add anything to my wardrobe for the cold weather.  I live Florida.  We have tropical weather most of the year.  But...I still like to dress for Fall and Winter.  I like to wear darker colors, boots with stockings and jackets. 

So, I recently took stock of my wardrobe to see if I wanted to add anything for the coming "winter".  I decided that I wanted to look for some thin, short sleeve, mock turtleneck tops.  It's very specific because these are staple pieces that I will keep from year to year, so it has to be just what I need.

I found just what I was looking for and the price was so good that I bought four of them.  These tops are thin so they'll be easy to layer, although, in FL, I don't need layers.  They won't be hot; that's the most important thing for where I live.  I can still get the seasonal look that I want and be comfortable in the climate I live in.  I can see myself wearing these tops over short pleated skirts with boots and stockings.  On the really "cold" days we have here (60's) I'll add a blazer or long cardigan; again, very lightweight because of the climate I live in.  Here's what I bought and then some inspiration photos:


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