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BareMinerals Love At First Kiss

10 Piece Marvelous Moxie Lipstick collection for smitten, satin lips.  Cost is $36; a $96 value.  These lipsticks are very soft and creamy.  Once they set they are very long lasting.  I use a lip liner underneath to get the most mileage from them.  I think this set is a great value and I love the little trial size because I almost never use up any makeup except foundation and powder.  This allows me to try out a whole line of lipsticks for not much more than the cost of one full size product.

Some of the colors are darker than I would ever wear, but for the most part I think I'll get a lot of use out of these.  I love the colors.  The only drawback that I've found is the softness of the product.  They are so soft that, if you're not careful, they will break off.  I found that out by experience.  Once I learned this I was careful with the others and I haven't had anymore break off.

Once I finish these I'm sure I'll purchase of few of them in full size.

As a si…

Make Ahead Meals

The last week I took lunches that consisted of baked chicken tenders, spinach and Butternut squash.  Its a very low carb, high protein meal.  With that I took single servings of almonds as a mid day snack.  I also made up single servings of grapes.  It's my favorite night time snack but I want to keep track of how much I eat, hence the single servings.  For breakfasts I either ate a single serving of oatmeal with flax seeds and 1/2 protein drink or 2 egg salad with 1/2 protein drink.  My evenings meals were either cottage cheese or steak, thinly sliced with some cherry tomatoes.

I always make my husband his favorite egg sandwiches to take to work.  This week I used Ezekiel bread instead of pitas.  There just open faced sandwiches that I folded in half and wrapped up.  His main lunch meal was pasta dishes with either chicken or beef, pre-made frozen that I cooked and divided into containers.  He also takes a banana, a single serving of grapes and a single serving of a nut mix.  He&…

Healthy Grocery Haul

I've changed up my workout routing and I was just too tired to post anything this last week.  So, here I sit on Saturday afternoon, posting away.  Here's what we ate last week.  We try to eat a primarily low carb diet.  As we age we find that it just helps us maintain our weight.  Weight management is a major issue for women my age.  Sometimes I feel like it's a loosing battle, but I refuse to give up. 

Anyway, I thought a video would be easier than snapshots.  Next I'll post about what I took for lunches to work last week.

Pink Floral Dress

I bought two of these floral dresses in the Juniors department at Kohl's earlier this year.  This is only the second time I've worn this one; I haven't worn the other one at all.  I'm not sure why I never reach for them.  I think maybe I feel too dressed up for my office job.  But, I don't like to have stuff in my closet that I never wear, so I made a point of pulling one of them out today.  The shape is very slenderizing with the gathered waist. 

I opted to wear my red Aerosoles flats with this one.  There's enough colors in the floral to go with lots of different shoe choices.  I red flats are very comfortable.  My Aerosole shoes are like wearing slippers to work.

This dress has enough going on that I kept the accessories simple.

Make-Ahead Lunches

It's Fall and I was really wanting chili this week.  So, on Sunday I cooked chili in my big 6 quart crockpot.  That's what we are both taking for lunches this week.  I also cooked up a big pot of brown rice.  So, each lunch container has two scoops of chili and a scoop of brown rice.

I still did the make-ahead egg sandwiches for my husband's breakfast on the go.  I also add a container of grapes, a single serving of nuts and a banana to his lunch.  I only add the grapes to mine because I eat breakfast at home and I don't burn up as many calories in a day as he does.

It's a little work on Sunday afternoon to get all this made ahead, but once our work week starts it's well worth the effort.  I never have to think about what to fix during the week.

Along with all the lunch production, I cooked a big picnic ham.  That and the leftover brown rice makes up our dinners.  I don't fuss too much with dinners because neither of us eats dinner every day.  I rarely do. …

New Fall Clothing

Even though I live in Florida where it's still in the 80's, I tell myself it's Fall.  So in the spirit of pretending that it's not eternally summer here, I bought a couple of new outfits. These pants came from JC Penney, as did the top.  The color is army green.  To break up the color some I bought a peasant top with blues and a little green. My shoes are Easy Spirit from Amazon.  They have a small wedge heel and are very cute and comfortable. I love this color combo.  It's Fallish but still perfect for anytime with the right top. Keeping accessories to a minimum because I will change into sneakers and walk home after work.  Now that's it's a little cooler I'm walking the three miles home three days a week.  It's an easy way to get some good exercise.

Black and Blue

The outfit today was easy, slenderizing and cute; what could be better.  This drawstring dress came from Target a couple of yesrs ago.  I'm wearing opaque black stockings. My black booties are Jessica simpson. I've had the jean jacket for years and I think it came from Walmart. The black crossbody came from TJ Maxx. After church we went out to a late breakfast.  I like to do that on the weekends and just skip lunch. Our favorite place is a little mom and pop run place with lots of chacter and great food.


Superhero style.  I love graphic tees like this.  I usually buy four or five of them every Spring to wear for the warm weather.  This is one of them for this year.  I wear the heck out of them after work and on the weekends.  I think the reason I like them so much is all the colors.  I can mix and match them with my basic color shorts.  Super casual and easy and that's what my life is about these days.  Keeping it simple.  This tee came from Walmart. My shorts are Gloria Vanderbilt and I got them from Kohls.  My shoes today are Converse.  I own several pairs.  I love them because they're so classic and cute, but let's be honest, they are not comfortable.  I have gel pads in all of mine and even with that they start to hurt my feet after several hours.  So I wear them to run errands and take them off when I get back home.

The Martian

Friday night.  We went to see "The Martian" last night.  It is the best movie I've seen this year.  It's very "sciency".  We are nerds so it was right up our alley.  If I had to say what it is similar to I'd say it's a cross between Apollo 13 and Cast Away.  It's much more upbeat than Apollo 13, but still full of science stuff.  The main character is alone for most of the movie, like in Cast Away, but he's doing a vlog throughout, so instead of talking to an object, he's talking to us.  It's just great and I highly, highly recommend it. I wore a new pair of denim track pants.  I got them from Walmart for $9.  They are so soft, it was like wearing pajamas to the movies; love it!  They are "balloony"  so they are not slenderizing, but so comfortable, that I didn't care.  My tee is from Kohl's Juniors dept. and the stud flip flops came from Kohl's too.  I carried a crocheted cardigan because it's so cold in th…

Monochromatic Blues

I'm so blue today.  I'm going monochromatic today.  It's slenderizing and easy and today that's exactly what I need. These pants are stretch and figure hugging.  You really have to own it with this type of pant.  I love the color and I'm comfortable with my shape so it's easy for me to own it.  I know I'm short and round and it doesn't bother me.  The color makes me happy so I'm just going with it.  They are Worthington brand and came from JC Penney. The blue/purple button down I think I got from Walmart a couple of years ago.  These classic menswear inspired button downs never go out of style. I have on a skinny bright blue belt that came from Target.  My watch came from JC Penney and my stud disc earrings came from Kohl's. My shoes are Vionic Orthoheel brand.  They are very comfortable and great for a day when I know I'll be on feet a lot;  that's today.  I love all my Vionic shoes; high recommend.  They are cute and comfortable; perf…

Peach And Tan

This is another comfort outfit.  I  know why women wear pants most often to work.  They are just more comfortable than dresses and skirts; at least for me.  I love to dress up a little a couple of days a week, but there's nothing like wearing comfortable trousers and some cushy shoes. This outfit is still business casual and I've tried to dress it up a little with the pearl necklace and pearl stud earrings.  Both came from Kohl's.  The gold watch came from Walmart, as did the peach button down.  The tan stretchy trousers came from JC Penney. The shoes are Aerosoles brand and I got them from Amazon.  I buy lots of my shoes from Amazon because they tend to have lower prices and with my Amazon Prime membership, I get free two day shipping; hard to beat.  The Aerosole brand in general is very comfortable.  I have three pair and I rotate them weekly.  They are so cushy and great to wear on days when I know I'll be on my feet a lot during my work day.

Studded Flats

This outfit is all about the shoes.  I found these little studded flats on Amazon and couldn't pass them up.  Yes, they are Valentino Rockstud knockoffs.  I recently saw a lovely lady wearing the real Valentino studded flats with a pair of skinny jeans.  They were so cute that I started looking for something similar.  I can't afford $100's for the real thing but I figured there'd be something out there that was similar. The ones I found run between $12 and around $40, depending on the color combo.  I got these beige ones and the animal print ones too.  They are not made to walk in all day.  They are cheap shoes.  There's absolutely no padding in the footbed.  I'm helping that a bit with foot pads in each shoe.  Luckily I have a desk job and I'm not expecting to be on my feet much today.  Otherwise I would wear something else more comfortable.  These are so cute that I'm willing to work with the uncomfortable factor.  I just won't wear them when I k…

Pink and white striped button down

I love wearing white.  It's not a slenderizing color so it can be challenging.  It's so light and bright that I don't care if I look chunky.  Sometimes I wear things just because I like them. This striped button down came from Kohls.  It's cotton so I sized up. My white ankle trousers came from JC Penney.  They are very stretchy and hold me in. My tassel loafers are Aerosoles and super comfortable.  They are soft like slippers. I think my white belt came fron Walmart.  The watch is from Penneys and the pearl necklace is a thriftstore find.

Brown Ankle Boots

This id how I styled my new brown ankle boots this morning for work.  I tried a tan skirt first and it was too much tan. The tan button down came from Amazon.  I love button downs; they are classics. The skirt came from JC Penney.  I love the shape but the camo green is a challenging color. The ankle boots are Mia brand.  I love the buckles that tighten the ankle area for a snug fit.  They didn't feel very comfortable when they came in so I put arch supports in them and that made all the difference.  I wore them all day with no discomfort. My long chain necklace came from Kohls and so did the little hoop esrrings.  My watch came from Walmart. Overall I liked the outfit.  It was comfortable and I felt cute.

Perfect Casual Weekend Outfit

This is how I love to dress.  This is why I live somewhere that is warm most of the year.  Tee, shorts and sandals; that's my perfect outfit.

So today we're headed to our little downtown square to stroll and see what's going on.  I'm wearing a navy tee that came from Kohl's.  It's a blend and has a great shape. 

My shorts are from Ann Taylor and are the City Shorts.  They're loose and slouchy; love 'em.

My shoes are Teva Hiking Sandals that I got from Amazon.  I have three pair of hiking sandals and I wear them all the time.  These have great arch support and I think they are very cute.

My bag is a crossbody from Walmart. It's the perfect size for weekend day trips.  It holds my wallet, glasses and phone; perfect.

Lace Tee

Lace is a strong trend right now.  I have an eyelet skirt and a couple of lace tops, including this pink one.  I'm wesring a tank top under it because a cami just wasn't enough coverage.  I bought it from Nordstrom Rack online.  The zip ankle trousers came from JCPenney.  They are silky and lightweight. I wearing another pair of my comfort shoes by Alegria.  These are loafers and super comfortable.  This brand tends to be big and clunky but I can stand in them all day comfortably and that's why I own three pair. My little anchor stud earrings came from Claires.  The necklace with the little cat pendant came from Kohl's. This outfit is what I consider to be business casual and perfect for Fridays.