Lace Tee

Lace is a strong trend right now.  I have an eyelet skirt and a couple of lace tops, including this pink one.  I'm wesring a tank top under it because a cami just wasn't enough coverage.  I bought it from Nordstrom Rack online. 
The zip ankle trousers came from JCPenney.  They are silky and lightweight.
I wearing another pair of my comfort shoes by Alegria.  These are loafers and super comfortable.  This brand tends to be big and clunky but I can stand in them all day comfortably and that's why I own three pair.
My little anchor stud earrings came from Claires.  The necklace with the little cat pendant came from Kohl's.
This outfit is what I consider to be business casual and perfect for Fridays. 


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