The Martian

Friday night.  We went to see "The Martian" last night.  It is the best movie I've seen this year.  It's very "sciency".  We are nerds so it was right up our alley.  If I had to say what it is similar to I'd say it's a cross between Apollo 13 and Cast Away.  It's much more upbeat than Apollo 13, but still full of science stuff.  The main character is alone for most of the movie, like in Cast Away, but he's doing a vlog throughout, so instead of talking to an object, he's talking to us.  It's just great and I highly, highly recommend it.
I wore a new pair of denim track pants.  I got them from Walmart for $9.  They are so soft, it was like wearing pajamas to the movies; love it!  They are "balloony"  so they are not slenderizing, but so comfortable, that I didn't care.  My tee is from Kohl's Juniors dept. and the stud flip flops came from Kohl's too.  I carried a crocheted cardigan because it's so cold in the theater; I'm glad I did.


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