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Black and White Stripes

A couple of months ago I bought four or five of these thin, inexpensive mock turtleneck short sleeve tops.  They are perfect for "winter" weather in Florida. The skirt I've had since early this year.  It came from Kohls and I've worn it a ton and always get complements on it. The shoes are new from Aldo.  I don't think they will be real comfortable, but they were so darn cute I bought them anyway.  I just try not to be on my feet a lot today at work. It's cool this morning but will warm right up so I'm wearing a very thin short cardigan that I will shed as soon as I get to work.

Bombay Company Holiday Pen Sets

Perfect office Christmas gift for $10.

Essie beauty product


Disney beauty product


Plaid Skirt

This is one of four plaid skirts I bought from Land's End a couple of months ago.  Each one is slightly different.  I feel lucky because they sold out right away so they're not available now.  The quality is excellent and I know that I'll get many years of wear from them.  This one is a black/white/purple plaid.  The front is a wrap style.  With it I'm wearing a cotton button down that I got at Walmart.  The suede boots are the Clark brand and I believe I got them from Amazon.  This is the second time I've worn them.  They have a low heel and are very comfortable.  The black short cardigan came from Loft several years ago.  The pearl necklace is handmade.

New Shoes

These Jessica Simpson boots aren't  new but I hadn't worn them until today.  I bought them about a month ago, thinking it was going to start cooling off and it didn't.  I love these boot.  They have a stretchy panel that runs the length of the boot.  These are perfect for women, like me, who have athletic calves.  They are very comfortable.  I was standing and moving around in them all day with complete comfort.    I bought the three pair of flats from 6  I have lots of comfort flats for work and I wanted three neutral pair that were dressier that would be good for church or date night.  All three pair are cute with pants and dresses.  I don't know yet about the comfort factor, but I didn't buy them with the expectation that they would be super comfortable for long periods of time.  I was mainly looking for really cute flats that were neutral, that would work with lots of different types of outfits.  Once I've worn them I'll report back.

Outfits of The Week

These are the outfits that I didn't get a change to do individual posts for.  The peach plaid shirt dress I show with the three sweaters I contemplated wearing.  I ended up wearing the short peach cardigan.   Below is the outfit I wore to church yesterday.  Its a tunic length button down shirt with a cardigan over it.  I wearing denim leggings and sneakers.  Below is the outfit I work out on Friday night for date night with my husband.  It's a tunic length sheer top with cotton leggings and sneakers.

Graphic Top and BareMinerals Lipstick

I've ha I bought this top at Kohl's earlier this year.  I really like it but I don't wear it often; not sure why because it's great.  The Pants are the Worthington brand from JC Penney. The shoes are Jumba; I posted about them recently.  Today is Friday and I just want to be business casual and comfortable.  I threw on a black beaded necklace that I got from Walmart a couple of years ago. In the below photo I'm showing my lipstick today.  It's BareMinerals Moxie in the color Hit the Mark.  I love the travel set that I bought recently.  I've been wearing the heck out of these little lipsticks.  Love them.

Adidas Massage Sandals

This is my third pair of Adidas Massage Sandals.  About three years ago I had a medical job where I was standing on my feet, on concrete for 10+ hours every day.  It ruined my feet.  I was limping home every night.  I tried everything and then I found these on Amazon by doing searches for massage sandals.  They saved my feet.  I took a while for me foot to heal, but once I started wearing these whenever I was at home, within a few weeks I could tell a difference.  Now, I'm never without them on my feet when I'm home.  My husband is a runner and he suffers from foot pain periodically.  Once I convinced him to try these he was hooked.  He's on his second pair.  There is no downside to these sandals.  They work and they are inexpensive.  That's a winning combination.

Fall Colors

This Pink Owl top is new and so are the trousers.  I love this rust color duo; very 70's vibe.  I'm using one of my new BareMinerals lipstick today to coordinate in the color Rise Up.  It came from Nordstrom in a travel size set.  I'm wearing a pair of comfort flats that I've had for a while and love.  It may still be almost 90 degrees in Florida but I'm feeling very Fallish.

Chaps Plaid Shirt

Petite Chaps Plaid Shirt (clipped to
I picked this shirt up yesterday at Kohl's.  It was expensive; $30 on sale, but it has the exact green that I needed to go with a pair of ankle pants that I bought from JC Penney online recently.  It's a very hard green to coordinate with.  So I bit the bullet and got this one.  I'll wear it later this week and show it.  It's cotton so I sized up for shrinkage when I wash it.  It's nicely made and very lightweight, which is great for FL "Fall" weather still in the 80's.

Plum Monday

I would like to be sleeping right now instead of heading out to work.  But I guess it's good to have somewhere to be so that I don't stay in bed, right?  So, I'll just make the most of it.  I bought these plum ankle pants about a month ago from JC Penny online, along with a green pair.  The chevron peasant blouse I already had and I believe it came from Kohl's.  The flats are Vionic Orthoheel and came from Amazon.

Nail Polish of the Week

This is the polish I'm wearing this week.  I alternated every other nail.  On the left is Tupelo Honey.  On the right is Gold Glass.  Great Fall colors and I love the creamy tones of both.

Small Town Living - Breakfast Out

Most weekends we eat breakfast out either on Saturday or Sunday morning.  Today we went to breakfast after the early service at church.

Our favorite spot is a little mom and pop owned restaurant in an old store front near our home.  It's always busy there because the food is great and so is the service.

I got what I always get; two scrambled eggs, grits, sausage links and a biscuit.  My husband usually gets something similar but today he got pancakes.

They were so busy when we got there that we sat outside for a while and did a selfie.  It was beautiful out today.

Make Ahead Meals

It was easy today.  I'm taking sandwiches all next week, so I only needed to fix food for my husband to take for breakfast and lunch.  I did pack up my grapes so that will be ready.  I also boiled some eggs for the egg salad I will have for breakfast several mornings.  I alternate between that and oatmeal for breakfast each morning.  I do everything ahead that can be done.

So I divided up two freezer meals for my husband to take for four days.  I did his egg sandwiches that he takes for breakfast.  And I packed up our fruit.  I plan to eat my sandwich and walk during my lunch break now that it's not 1000 degrees outside.  That will really add to my calories burned and distance walked each day.

On Saturday I did a big crockpot of beef stew.  We will eat on that for a couple more days for our dinners.  Then I'll put some frozen salmon from the freezer and do up a big salad for the remainder of the week.  Keep'in it simple is the name of the game for our work week.

Healthy Grocery Haul

I didn't buy much at the grocery this weekend.  We had so much in the freezer that I didn't need much.  Most of what I bought on Saturday went into a big crockpot for beef stew.  We'll eat on that for a couple more days.  The two freezer meals make up my husband's lunches this week.  The fruit I'll divvy up for lunches and nighttime snacks.

Textured Pencil Pants from The

Textured Pencil Pants in Julie Fit (see more zip pants)
I recently ordered five pairs of pants from The   They had a great sale going on and I thought it was a good opportunity to add to the variety in my pants.   I love the look of these pants,  The color in the photo is off.  They re actually a dark rust color; very 70's.  As I wear them I'll post outfit photos.