Adidas Massage Sandals

This is my third pair of Adidas Massage Sandals.  About three years ago I had a medical job where I was standing on my feet, on concrete for 10+ hours every day.  It ruined my feet.  I was limping home every night.  I tried everything and then I found these on Amazon by doing searches for massage sandals.  They saved my feet.  I took a while for me foot to heal, but once I started wearing these whenever I was at home, within a few weeks I could tell a difference.  Now, I'm never without them on my feet when I'm home.  My husband is a runner and he suffers from foot pain periodically.  Once I convinced him to try these he was hooked.  He's on his second pair.  There is no downside to these sandals.  They work and they are inexpensive.  That's a winning combination.


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