Fall Floral Top, White Trousers and Espadrilles

This is a lesson on why we should purchase quality, classic pieces more than we buy trendy clothing.  It's definitely more exciting to buy what's hot for the season than sticking with basic pieces.  But it's those basic pieces that will take you through many years of fashion. 
I've had this floral peasant top for many years.  The style is still current even ten years after purchase.  The white trousers are new this year, but they are in a classic, straight leg style that will look current for many years.
My one trendy piece are the shoes.  These embellished espadrilles are a new purchase this year.  They are super comfortable so they are great for work.  I don't know how long they will be in style, but they were a sale purchase so I'm not worried about that.


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