Tunic with Leggings and Sneakers

Yesterday I dug out all my leggings and put them in a drawer so I can start wearing them.  It's not really cold enough here for any long clothing; hence the sheer tunic top.  These leggings are denim looking; they are actually polyester/cotton blend.  I got them from Walmart last year.  They have a great selection of affordable leggings and I stocked up last year.  I don't think I'll add anymore this year.  I don't wear them enough to ever wear them out, and if you stick to basics, they are current for years.  I roll them up at the ankle because I'm short.
The tunic length top came from Joe Fresh online.  It's totally sheer so I wear a white cami under it.  I love the light fluttery feel of it and I own two in different floral patterns.
My sneakers are Izod.  I've had them for about a year and I can't remember where I got them.  They look just like converse and the fit and feel is the same.  I love the look, but they are not comfortable.  They, like Converse, are totally flat.  I put pads in the footbed of all my sneakers like these.


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