Wearing Stripes and Owing It

You can't wear stripes like these and be afraid.  You have to own it.  I can't say that these pants are slenderizing, because....they aren't.  I like them because they are a little different and very comfortable.  I typically dress more casual on Fridays, but still keeping it office appropriate.  I'm trying to somewhat counteract the non-slenderizing effect of the stripes by wearing all tan tones.  Does it work?  I don't know, but I like it.  Sometimes you just gotta wear things because you like them.
This tee came from Kohl's.  I own them in several colors.  They are a blend so they wear well and keep their shape and color.  The trousers came from Nordstrom Rack online.  My loafers came from TJ Maxx.


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