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Peasant Blouse

I bought this embroidered peasant top from Joe Fresh online several months ago.  I love it and I always get compliments on it when I wear it.  It's different from anything I have in my wardrobe.  It's a gauzy cotton with an eyelet on the sleeves and the big bold embroidered yoke at the neckline. I wear this top with black Gloria Vanderbilt trousers that I get at Kohls.  The brand fits me well and I've bought these pants in every color. My shoes are black flats with a bow accent and the brand is Vionic Ortrhoheel.  I got them from Amazon.Vionic Lydia Womens Demi-Wedge Merlot Croco - 6.5 Medium

Make Ahead Lunches

We visited with in-laws before Christmas and my mother in-law slow cooked a large beef roast in the oven.  It was amazing so I decided to do that this last weekend and make lunches out of it.  So I packed a large beef roast into a roasting pan.  I piled in carrots, sliced onions and celery.  I poured in some onion soup mix and slow cooked it at 325 degrees for 2.5 hours.  That made up my lunches for this week.

For breakfast all week I'm eating grits, bacon and boiled eggs.  For each breakfast I chop up the egg and bacon and mix them with a single serving of grits.  I eat grits because it's so high in iron.  One serving gives me 45% of my daily iron; very important as we age.

For my husband's lunches I bought a large bag of frozen fried rice and two large entrees that I separated into four lunch containers.

I also made up his egg sandwiches for the week and wrapped them to go.

To both of our lunches we also take single servings of grapes.  I wash and separate them ahead and…

Black and Burgundy Stripes

I am a dress girl.  I always have been.  I'm one of the few women where I work that wears dresses every week.  I feel more comfortable in casual dresses than I do in trousers.  That may be due to my body shape.  I'm short and round and I never feel that I look my best in trousers because I carry my weight in my thighs and hips.  You can't hide that in trousers.  Dresses are so forgiving. Anyway, I've had this black/burgundy striped dress for several years.  I believe it came from Target.  The black button down is newer and I got it from Amazon.  The shoes are Aldo and came from Nordstrom Rack online.  The dress is so graphic and bold that I'm keeping my makeup and accessories simple.  There are gold accents on the flats so I'm wearing my simple gold tone watch and black/gold earrings. : Living Proof Restore Instant Repair, 4 Ounce : Beauty

I got this as a sample recently.  I Love It!  My hair is so incredibly soft and this is what I added to my hair care routine, so I know this is what is making the difference.  I've seen such a dramatic in the texture of my hair that I've ordered this in full size and also the shampoo and conditioner.  It is a bit on the expensive side, but when you find something like this that really work, I think it's worth it.  I have bleached, damaged hair that normally feely like hay.  So have silky, soft hair make the expensive totally worth it

                                                                .Living Proof Restore Instant Repair, 4 Ounce

Casual Work Attire

Keeping it casual today with this light blue button down blouse and tan trousers.  I've thrown on some multi-strand beads that I've had for years and I'm wearing a very comfortable pair of Aerosoles flats.  I also have on a tan leather belt with silver buckle.  It's definitely on the casual side, but still office appropriate.  These shoes are a must on days when I know I'll be on my feet a lot. Aerosoles Women's 4 Give Flat,Black Leather,7.5 M US

Riding Boots Outfit

These are Tommy Hilfiger boots that I bought a few weeks ago.  I've worn them with a couple of skirt outfits and got tons of compliments both times.  Today, for church, I'm wearing them with demin leggings and a light-weight knit sweater.  It's still in the 80's here in FL, so by the time I get home I'll have to trade the boots for sandals and the leggings and sweater for a shorts outfit. Tommy Hilfiger Women's Dabian Roast Espresso Boot 6.5 M

Patch Arm Crew Neck T shirt

I just purchased this top and 18 others from the Joe Fresh website.  It's the day after Christmas and there are lots of sales to be had.  I shopped around and found just what I was looking for on this website.  I've purchased from Joe Fresh before and I love the brand so I know what I'm getting.  I don't recommend spending as much as I did on one brand unless you've tried them out and know you'll like what you get.

I bought this patch arm tee in brown and black.  I was specifically looking for crew neck tops for work.  I have a very conservative dress code at my place of employment so I'm always on the look for pieces that I like and that will be in style for a long time and can be work for work and after.  This tee falls in that category.
T shirt (see more drapey tees)

Burnout Tee in Navy from Joe Fresh

I purchased this in the navy shown and also in burgundy from today.  I think I will work well for work and after.  It's conservative and casual but business casual appropriate.
Burnout Tee in Navy from Joe Fresh (clipped to

Waffle Knit Baseball Tee in Ecru from Joe Fresh

I absolutely love this top.  I only bought it in the white/grey combo because I'm not sure it will work as business casual.  I need a wardrobe that will work for the office and at home so that I don't have to invest in two separate wardrobes.  I'm hoping to wear this with white trousers.  I'll have to see if it will work.  I'll keep it either way because it's so cute, but I hope it services both purposes.
Waffle Knit Baseball Tee in Ecru from Joe Fresh (clipped to

High-Low Hem Blouse in Off White from Joe Fresh

I ordered this silk top in off white and black.  It's perfect for work.  It's a little dressy for weekend wear but it's a classic shape so I know I'll get years of wear out of it for work and church.
High-Low Hem Blouse in Off White from Joe Fresh (clipped to

Woven Mix Dolman Sleeve Tee in Black from Joe Fresh

I ordered this dolman sleeve tee in black and light burgundy.  I think it will work well for both work and weekend wear.  The drop sleeve styling makes it a little dressier than the standard tee.  I bought them in solid, basic colors that will go with most of my trousers and skirts. Buying in solid colors can help extend any wardrobe and makes it much simpler to put together outfits.
Woven Mix Dolman Sleeve Tee in Black from Joe Fresh (clipped to

Jewel Embellished Tee in Light Pink Mix from Joe Fresh

I ordered this in the blush shown here and also in dark grey.  They were on clearance and I think they will both work great for office wear and weekend.  The embellishment elevates them so they can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair them with.  Jewel Embellished Tee in Light Pink Mix from Joe Fresh (clipped to

Print Short Sleeve Blouse in Black from Joe Fresh

I ordered this tee in this variegated black/grey color with the banded waist and crew neck.  From a distance it looks like tweed.  I know that it will be great for work and church.  Depending on what I pair it with, it will be great for weekends too.
Print Short Sleeve Blouse in Black from Joe Fresh (clipped to

Silk Boyfriend Shirt in Light Purple from Joe Fresh

I ordered these silk boyfriend button downs in every color they came in.  I'm excided about them.  This sort of a top will be perfect for work attire, weekend casual outfits and dressing up for church. These will make a nice addition to my wardrobe and will still be in style a decade from now.
Silk Boyfriend Shirt in Light Purple from Joe Fresh (clipped to

Polka Dot Peter Pan Top


Tory Burch 'Absolu' Eau de Parfum | Nordstrom

This is another sample that I got with my recent Nordstrom fragrance order.  When I smell this scent I get notes of floral and fruity.  It's a bright spicy scent.  It's a very pretty fragrance and I can see wearing it for Spring/Summer seasons.  It's $100 for 1.7 oz.  The larger size of 3.4 oz. is a better deal at $120.

This is a very nice perfume with lasting power and I really enjoyed wearing it today.
Tory Burch 'Absolu' Eau de Parfum | Nordstrom (clipped to

Estee Lauder 'New Dimension' Shape + Fill Expert Serum

I received a sample of this in my recent Nordstrom order.  It's a serum that is supposed to lift and firm your face.  Wow.  That would be great for my aging face.  It costs $80 an oz.

Unfortunately, the sample I got is only one application.  I put it on last night before bed.  I could still feel it sitting on my skin when I got up this morning. 

That's all I know.  How can you tell anything at all about a product like this from one application?  You can't.  The premise is great but at $80 an oz. I wouldn't purchase it unless I had a personal recommendation from someone I knew.

Estee Lauder 'New Dimension' Shape + Fill Expert Serum (clipped to

Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate

I got a sample of this as part of a gift with purchase with my recent Nordstrom order.  It's an eye cream, otherwise known as a moisturizer.  I applied it tonight after I got out of the shower. 

It seems like a nice cream, but as I said in my Estee Lauder serum post, you can't really tell anything about any skincare product from one use.  This eye cream costs $74 for 1/2 oz.  That's twice what the Estee Lauder serum costs and I thought that was expensive.  1/2 oz. is a tiny amount of product.

I'm afraid, as with the Estee Lauder serum, I wouldn't buy the Clarins eye cream without a personal recommendation from someone I know. 
Clarins 'Super Restorative' Total Eye Concentrate (see more antiaging skin care)

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

This is another perfume sample that I got recently with an Nordstrom order.
Right off the bat I didn't like the packaging of the sample.  I know that in the larger scheme of things that's not important, but it just ticked me off.  The sample comes in a plastic capsule that you have to break in half to get to the perfume.  Normally, I'd apply some while getting ready for work and take the rest of the sample with me to apply later so that I could really get a feel for how I felt about the scent.  Well, I can't do that with this sample.  So, this review is from the one application this morning before I leave for work.

This scent is sweet and musky.  There's also a note of jasmine that is very distinctive.  It's also fruity.  There are many layers and the more I smell it the more I like it.  It's a very sophisticated scent that I think would work for all seasons.

I checked to see how expensive it is and yes, a large container is quite expensive.  But, there&#…

Versace Bright Crystal Eau De Toilette

I got a sample of this with my recent Nordstrom order.  I used it today for work.  It's a powdery, floral scent.  It's a pretty scent.  I read the notes that are supposed to be in this perfume, but every time I sniff my wrist all I get is powdery floral.  It's very feminine and would be great for Spring.
Versace 'Bright Crystal' Eau De Toilette (see more edt perfumes)

Essie A-List polish this week

This is the polish I'm wearing for the week.  It's Essie A-List.  I's a small bottle that came in a holiday set of four polishes.  This is a true red and goes with everything.

Green and Navy today

I'm going "preppy" today with green button down, navy trousers and navy comfort loafers.  It's so hot here I've already got my sleeves rolled up.  What happened to Winter?  Keeping it simple and classic today.  These pieces never go out of style.  Perfect for office attire.

My Boot Collection; What I'm Keeping, What I'm Getting Rid Of

I've bought six pairs of boots this year.  That added to the ones I already had is too many.  I live in FL, it's December and in the 80's.  How many boots do I need?  That that many.

So I sat down and pulled out all my boots, looked at each pair and decided what to keep and what to give away and what to donate.

Here are the six new pair:

These I'm keeping.  I love the sleek, classic look.
These I'll be giving away.  Very comfortable, but I didn't love the buckles on the front.
These I'm keeping.  I wish they were more plain, but on they look amazing and that's what counts.
These are keepers.  They are neutral and go with lots of outfits. 
These I'm giving away.  They don't come up far enough on my ankles.  They just don't look great on me.
These are my favorite out of the ankle boots.  They are very sexy on but still very work appropriate.
Nor for the boots that I already had, that I'm getting rid of.  They are all going to a local thrif…