Make Ahead Lunches

We visited with in-laws before Christmas and my mother in-law slow cooked a large beef roast in the oven.  It was amazing so I decided to do that this last weekend and make lunches out of it.  So I packed a large beef roast into a roasting pan.  I piled in carrots, sliced onions and celery.  I poured in some onion soup mix and slow cooked it at 325 degrees for 2.5 hours.  That made up my lunches for this week.

For breakfast all week I'm eating grits, bacon and boiled eggs.  For each breakfast I chop up the egg and bacon and mix them with a single serving of grits.  I eat grits because it's so high in iron.  One serving gives me 45% of my daily iron; very important as we age.

For my husband's lunches I bought a large bag of frozen fried rice and two large entrees that I separated into four lunch containers.

I also made up his egg sandwiches for the week and wrapped them to go.

To both of our lunches we also take single servings of grapes.  I wash and separate them ahead and put them in little plastic containers.

All of this is a bit of work on Sundays, but it's so worth it once my work week starts.


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