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Estee Lauder Lipsticks

I hadn't planned on having an Estee Lauder makeup collection.  It all started with the makeup that my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas.  I've had several Double Wear lipsticks for years and absolutely love them.  I had no idea how much better the new Lauder long wear lipsticks had gotten. 

The texture is creamy and the colors are opaque.  They don't feel like they are going to be long lasting but they are.  I put my lipstick on at 6:30 am and it's still going strong at noon when I eat lunch.  I do have to re-apply after I eat.  the best part is that they don't dry out my lips.

They are pricey at $30 retail, but I rotate my lipsticks so I get literally years of use out of my lipsticks.  In that light $30 isn't bad.

I have had some luck finding the colors I like on Ebay, so check there if you are interested.

I also thought I'd mention the two Estee Lauder lipglosses I have.  They're pretty.  I'm not a lipgloss person so I don't wear them.  I&#…

Estee Lauder Blushes

I got a blush as a gift with purchase in December.  It's the first one I'll show in this post.  The name is All Over Shimmer.  It is beautiful.  It's a rosy tint and there is shimmer, but it's so refined that is acts like a blush/highlighter.  I use it just like I use all my blushes.  I sweep it across the bridge of my nose and across my cheeks.  It gives the look of being sun-kissed.

At any rate, I was so impressed with it that I looked at what was available on Amazon.  I did look at the current Lauder collections.  One blush runs $38.  That's not a huge expense, but I got a palette of three for $40.  That seemed like a better deal.

These three blushes are just as nice at the one I already had.  The colors are light and look very natural. 

I haven't decided if I will depot these.  I have several other blushes by Chanel and Clinique that I use regularly, so I may do a Z-palette for just blushes.

Estee Lauder Soft Matte Bronzer / Pure Color Blush Trio: Bron…

Estee Lauder Eyeshadow Palettes

About a month ago I ordered an Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette on Amazon.   They can be purchased on Ebay inexpensively as well.   I loved it so much that I went back and have ordered three more since then.  The Lauder shadows are perfect.  They are finely milled, but not overly powdery.  They are pigmented but don't have fallout.  The colors are beautiful and there is an assortment of shimmers, satins and mattes.  The blend like a dream and are perfect for mature eyes and the challenges that poses.  They are long lasting and don't crease.  What could be better.  I looked at the palettes on Nordstrom but they start at $50.  I don't want to spend that much on one palette. 

I plan to depot these and put them in a Z-palette that I've already ordered.  These shadows will replace all drugstore shadow palettes.  They just don't measure up against the quality of these.  I do have a couple of other high end palettes and I'll depot them too and add them to the Lauder on…

Black and Grey Outfit of the Day

Jessica Simpson Delanie 001-black (7 Medium) Boots

This is the outfit I wore today.  I bought the Joe Fresh embellished Tee in December.  I love that brand because the clothing is relaxed and casual, but can still be worn for office attire.  I got lots of compliments on the tee today.  With it I wore a pencil skirt that I've had for years.  The cardigan I bought last year.  The boots are Jessica Simpson and are a new addition to my wardrobe this season.  Black tights finished the outfit.

Estee Lauder Skincare

All my Estee Lauder skincare products came to me as either part of a set that I purchased or gifts with purchase of other products.

 Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Estee Lauder Resilience Lift

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye                                    
 Estee Lauder Nutritious
 Estee Lauder Beautiful Bath Soap and Body Powder
I'm not going to talk about each item but just give my overall thoughts.  I really don't know how to tell if one moisturizer is really doing more than another.   Most of my impression of these products is based on how they feel on my skin.  How important that is in relation to what it's actually doing to my skin, I'm not sure.  The Lauder skincare products that I have all seem very luxurious.  The creams are rich and silky.  The soap, which I used completey up, was just great.  It was moisturizing and smelled so good.  I feel like these products are reasonably priced considering the brand name is tried and true and been around…

Estee Lauder Makeup

I've been trying some new Estee Lauder products this months and I've got some thoughts:

Estée Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow 6 Color Palette (10-Ivory Slipper (Satin), 35-Hot Cinnamon (Shimmer), 60-Sugar Biscuit (Satin), 38-Chocolate Bliss (Matt), 47-Nude Fresco (Satin), 12-Wild Truffle (Matte)) + Pure Color Blush (11-Sensuous Rose).

I bought this eyeshadow/blush palette on Amazon for $15.99.  I'm sure it's from a past Lauder collection but who cares.  The current collection palettes range in price from $50 to $70 on Nordstrom.  So, $15.99 is a steal.  What's more, I love it.  These shadows are neutral and perfect for work.  The quality is exceptional.  They glide on and just look beautiful.  They blend with no effort at all.  I'm so impressed that I've ordered two more palettes from Amazon.  Even if I added up what I'm spending on all three palettes, it wouldn't equal what one costs on the Nordstrom website.  Again, I'm sure they are all from past …

Fresh 'Creme Ancienne' Soft Cream Ultimate Ageless Complexion...

Holy Moly!  $145 for an oz. of this moisturizer.  I got a .2 oz. sample with a recent Nordstrom order.  I love the Fresh brand in general.  I have several of their lip products that I really enjoy.  This is the second time I've gotten a Fresh moisturizer sample.  I love them.  But $145 an oz.!?  I can't. 

I'm trying to figure out how I would justify this and I can't come up with anything.  I loved the sample, I really did.  I'd probably pay $50 for it, but $145...I can't!

Samsung Galaxy Battery Combo, Anker 7500mAh Extended Battery

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Combo, Anker 7500mAh Extended Battery Combo for Samsung Galaxy S5 - TPU Back Cover Included [18 Month Warranty]
I bought this charging case for my Samsung phone just before Christmas.  I wanted to use it for a while before posting about it because I've never used one of these before and I wanted to take some time with it.  I'm ready now to give my thoughts.Once the battery is fully charged I can get about three days use out of it.    It's great for when I'm away from home on a trip.  I think that's the best time to use a devise like this.  In my normal life during the week I've have plenty of opportunities to charge my phone at home, in the car and even at work if need be.  So I don't really need this in my everyday life.  It's heavy and tricky to use and that's why I don't recommend it for every day use.  What I mean by tricky to use is the charging.  According to the instruction you should only recharge when the batter…

Good Eats

We went to an outdoor festival yesterday and ate at a german food stand.  We had schnitzel, hot german potato salad and red cabbage.  So good and we had a great time.

The Pound a Day Diet - My Initial Thoughts

I posted a photo of this book recently.  It arrived two days later from Amazon.  These are my initial thoughts:

The author is a chef.  You have to know that going into any of his diet programs because there's LOTS of shopping for ingredients and cooking.

I've spent no less than four days shopping for the grocery list of the first week on this plan.  It's four pages long.  It's quite overwhelming even for someone like myself who cooks every week.  I decided to get all the non perishables on one day and go back on a second day to get the fresh ingredients right before I started the actual food prep for the first week.  I will be cooking all the meals over the weekend because that's what I'm used to doing.  It's a huge time saver during my work week.  The last think I want to do at the end of a long work day is come home and stand in the kitchen for an hour

I wasn't sure what some of the ingredients were, which took me back to the grocery store today; my thir…

Wide Leg Tousers and Tee

These are not the pants I started off in.  I thought I would wear a tan, striped pair of ankle pants that I have.  I've worn them before and I think they are fun.  The thing is; if you're going to wear striped pants, you have to own it.  They are bold and out there and I just couldn't own it this morning.  I just felt fat in them.  So back to the closet I went.  I ended up in these dark brown wide leg trousers.  They came from Target and I've had them for about ten years.  They are mid rise and they just fit me right.  That's why I still have them and I still wear them. My top is a new hi-lo tee from Joe Fresh.  It's soft and silky.  There are dark brown patches on the back of both arms.  It's not really the best top to go with these pants but I thought it was ok.  This tee would be better with leggings I think.  The one thing I didn't like is that the sleeves are really long.  I had to roll them up and I'm not crazy about that.
This gold necklace …

Scuba Fit-N-Flare Dress

I love this dress.  It's one of several new dresses I bought from Kloh's online before Christmas.  I wore this dress to a family gathering over the holidays and I wore it again today to work.  It is a purple/black animal print (it looks like some sort of snake skin print).  Under it I wore a new silk light purple, long sleeve shirt.  It's one of 18 new shirts I just got from Joe Fresh online.  The color combo looks great on my coloring.  Purple is a good color for me.  I wore black tights and my t-strap flats with gold bar accents.  For jewelry I wore a long chain necklace from Kohl's that I've had for about a year. The three chain necklace is tri-color so it goes with any outfit.  It's a very chic looking necklace and I always get compliments on it.  It's very classic so I know that it will still be in style for years. The flats are Also brand.  I love the little gold heel and the gold bar accented straps.  My makeup and hair are simple and conservative f…