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Zulily: What I Bought and What I Think

Zulily is an online store where you can find unique fashions.  Here's the link:

I can't remember how I heard about the website.  I've checked out fashions there, but because I've never heard of most of the brands and I don't personally know anyone who has shopped there, I never bought anything....until now.

I was recently looking for some tunic length shirts.  I wanted some that were unique and I remember Zulily.  Here's what I bought:

Goo Yoo - I bought two of these cotton t-shirts.  The fit is good except for the length.  I'm short and these shirt are a little long on me.  I think I can still wear them with leggings and sneakers or sandals and they'll be cute.
This is also the Goo Yoo brand.  It's polyester.  I like the weight of it.  It hangs very nice.  I like this top very much.  I'm going to wear it to work next week with white skinny trousers and white loafers.
Reborn Collection - This shirt hasn't arrived yet. …

Some More Goodies from MAC

I love it when a box arrives at my door.  These are just basics that I needed and I thought I get them from MAC this time.  It's a tried and true company and the products are great.

As I age I'm noting changes in my skin.  My lips are getting more wrinkly and I thought I'd like to try a lip primer to see if it helps keep my lipstick from bleeding.  I'll have to give the MAC prep and Prime lip primer and report back.  I have high hopes and I hope it delivers.

I have gotten very fair over the last year.  I stopped running outside because the Florida heat was killing me.  I exercise indoors now.  So, all my powders that aren't no color are too dark for me now.  I've recently tried finding a really fair powder at the drugstore and even the lightest ones are too dark.  Hence this invisible powder by MAC.  I have a pressed powder by Nars that I love, but I've hit pan on it so I needed to  get some more and I decided to go with MAC this time.

 I have lots of lips…

2016 Summer Sandals

I ordered all these, except one pair from the website  The Coach flip flops came from Amazon.  I think I'm set for the summer.  All but one pair arrived today.  I'm not sure why I went with so many T-strap sandals.  Last year I bought all Birkenstocks.  Very comfortable, but not the most fashionable shoes I've ever owned.  So, this summer I'm adding a bit of style to my summers shoe collection. 

I have another pair of Same Edelman shoes and I love the them, so I thought it was safe to go with another pair.  These are tan leather and classic in style. 

Again, I went with a brand that I already own  I love the classic styling of Tommy Hilfiger shoes and I can't wait to wear these two pair of sandals this summer.

I have a pair of Coach flats that I love so I decided to try their sandals. I really wanted to add a pair of white sandals for the summer this year and these are what I settled on.  These Dolce Vita Alyce haven't arrived yet but I wanted to show…

A Box of Mac Eyeshadows

I've put together my first custom Mac eye shadow palette.  Picking out single eye shadows is very intimidating; especially when they are $10 each.  But I've tried the Mac matte shadows before and I really like them.  So, I decided I would be brave and pick out ten matte shades that I thought I would wear on a regular basis.  To my surprise, they were on sale for $6 each so I bought 16.  I have room for at least five more, so at some point I finish filling my palette.

I decided on mattes because I have a whole other palette filled with my Estee Lauder satin and shimmer shadows and miscellaneous shadows from small palettes.  So, what I really needed was mattes.

The colors I bought are:

Brown Script
Soft Brown
Blanc Type

Clothing Store Recommendations for Women over 40

What are mature women looking for in clothing?  I think we are looking for clothing that fits well, is well made, is age appropriate, is classic and that is affordable.  We don't want to look too old, but neither do we want to look like we are trying to look 20.

I've shopped at these stores enough now to give a recommendation.  I think all are great for older women like myself for a couple of reasons.  Once you get to my age you should be looking for quality more than quantity.  In theory we should be filling our closets with classic clothing that will be in style for years and just adding a sprinkling of trendy stuff from year to year.

So, by the time we get to my age we really shouldn't need a whole wardrobe.  So, when I shop I can afford to spend a little bit more because I'm only going to buy a couple of pieces at a time.

The Loft - I shop online with them because I don't have a store anywhere near me.  The clothing is beautifully made.  There are lots of classi…

Some New Makeup that I love

Since I went back to work full time I've been playing around with lots of different makeup.  I like to line my upper lashline and I've been looking for a liner that won't transfer.  I have hooded eyes and even when I use a primer and set the liner with powder I get transfer.  It's just a consequence of old eyes.  So, I was on the Nordstrom site several months ago and I saw this Mac Blacktrack gel liner.  I thought it was worth a try.  I love it!  It's very dark and once it sets I never get any transfer.  It's exactly what I was looking for.
 I love to use CC creams.  They tend to be lightweight and I feel good about putting something on my skin that's supposed to be good for it; something more like skincare than just foundation.  For years I used the Asian brands off Amazon.  Then I found the Lumene brand in my local drugstore.  I really like it so I've been using it for the last year.  My store stopped carrying it so I've been looking for another.…

New Stuff and My Thoughts

I realized today that my legs are very soft and the only thing that I've changed recently is my bath soap.  Don't buy this Olay Cooling White Strawberry bar soap for the scent.  It does smell yummy but that disappears as soon as you wash the soap down the drain.  However, my skin is definitely soft and I believe it's due to this soap.

So Pantone came out with their colors for the year; pink and blue.  I really love the colors so I picked up two Essie nail polishes in shades that seem to match.  These colors are great for Spring.  I wore them together, alternating nails.  It was cute and it got lots of notice at work.  I'll probably get a lot more wear out of the pink than the blue in the long run because it goes with more of my clothing.  Either way I love Essie polishes.  They are thin and easy to apply.  The brush is small and so are my nails so it's a great fit.
This was a re-purchase.  I started using the Sally Hansen airbrush legs several years ago for day wh…

New Shoes

I love it when new shoes show up at my house.  I do most of my shopping on line for clothing and shoes because I just don't have the time or energy to do it on the weekend when I'm not working.  Here's what I've bought over the last couple of months.

These Nine West wedges are great with dresses and pants.  These are very comfortable and cute too.  I bought them specifically to wear with pants and they are just what I had hoped.

I have several pairs of grey trousers and I've been looking for some stylish, comfortable shoes that look great specifically with pants.  These Nine West loafers are decidedly masculine, so when I wear these with trousers I pair them with a feminine, but modest top.  These structured loafers don't have any cushion in the footbed so they are not the most comfortable shoe.  I wear shoe pads in them as I do with all my flats.  It's enough to make them work for me, but I'm not standing in them all day long. 

These little BP tweed …