Grocery Haul 6/18/16 - Tweeking My Diet

Maybe I'm going to "tweek" my diet every week; I don't know.  This week I paid special attention to sugar.  So, now I'm paying attention to sugar, protein, fat.  My ideal foods are high in protein and low in fat and sugar.  I didn't buy much this time because we still have stuff left from last week.  I still have fresh fruit in my fridge.  So, I'll probably have to go mid week to get fruit.

One - these protein bars are high in protein and have only 1 gram of sugar.  I had one for breakfast this morning (peanut butter).  It was very good; perfect for a breakfast on the go.  It was so dense I couldn't eat the whole thing.  These will be great on mornings when I'm not ready to eat early in the morning before work.  I will use these as a meal replacement.  They have too many calories (220) to eat as a snack.

Mello Yello Zero - this is my no calorie drink of the moment.  I also like Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Root Beer.

The pantry items I bought today will all go into crockpot chili that my husband will eat during the week.

Fruit, such as it is.  We still have pears and nectarines in the fridge so I didn't buy much this week.  My husband loves dates.  I saw the sugar free jam and had an idea.  It really is zero sugar.  I think I'll try putting a couple of teaspoons of this jam on my fat free cottage cheese, which is also sugar free.  We'll see.  I think it will also be good on my sugar free, fat free English muffins.
Dairy and Eggs - More cage free eggs; we love them.  I'm trying unsweetened almond milk this week instead of milk because it has no sugar.  All milk is relatively high in sugar so I'm trying to switch to something else that will satisfy my milk craving.  The fat free mozzarella I'll use in various way; it's also sugar free.
Veggies - all will go into the chicken soup and chili I'm making this weekend for the week to come.

Grains and bread - the English muffins and grits are sugar free, high in protein and low in fat.  The brown rice is for my husband to go with the chili.
The ground beef is for the chili I'm making.  The chicken is going into chicken soup.  The chili is for my husband and the chicken soup is for me for the coming week.

The pasta is going into my chicken soup.  It's low in fat and sugar.


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