Grocery Shopping for the Week - What I Bought

I'm still trying to stick to the Weight Watcher's Smart Points program during the week.  It's hard to do on the weekends, but during the week I'm watching my calories, fat and sugar.

So my strategy for the week is just whole foods: lean meats with loads of fresh fruits and veggies

The coleslaw and shredded lettuce is for fat free slaw that I will make and use with my dinners.

I am only consuming fat free dairy.  The eggs are for my tuna salad for my lunches.  The regular cheese is for my husband.

Tuna salad will be the main component for my lunches.  The lunch meat is for my husband.

No sugar added fruit is for my lunches

Sugar free dressings.  I love the Skinnygirl dressings.  They are low in calories and taste great.  The flavored coffee is a splurge but if it's good it will be worth the 60 calories.  I'll add fat free milk and ice.  It's my morning drink.  I drank the coconut water yesterday.  It's a weekend treat; so good.  The nuts are for my husband.

I'm a lazy bones this week.  The fried chicken is for my husband's dinners and the rotisserie chicken is for me.


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