Weekend Shopping - What I Bought

This shopping spree was all about underwear.  One of the effects of menopause is raised body temperature.  I'm hot all the time.  I sleep in just a bra and panties and I still throw the covers off.  So I was just shopping for panties and bras I can sleep in. 

Maidenform Sweet Nothings - these panties are great.  The lace that you see in the photo is on the back.  They are ruched on the center back.  They are pretty and perfect for sleepwear.

Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Bandini.  These are perfect for sleepwear.  They are light and soft and feel like wearing nothing; perfect.

Vassarette Spin Tank.  I wear these to work under my tops.  They are lightweight and give just enough smoothing.  I have developed a menopause belly that these help me not look like I'm six months pregnant at age 52.  I especially like this brand because they are scoop neck on one side and V-neck on the other; very versatile.

Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Bra - I've already got some of these.  I like them so much that I got rid of all my other bras and wear just these now.  They are soft and feather light.  There is a wide band and just enough support.  It's really like wearing nothing.  These bras are not for vigorous exercise like running, but for wearing under my regular clothing, they are perfect.

Colgate Ultra Soft tooth brush - I've been looking for a toothbrush like this one.  My dentist recently told me that I'm brushing too hard.  I was already using a soft toothbrush, but this one is the softest that I've been able to find.  When you get to be my age you think about things like keeping all your teeth.  So, I'm trying to brush softer and hopefully a tooth brush like this one will help too.


  1. Loved the laced panties . http://shilpachandrasekheran.blogspot.ae/?m=1


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