Food Finds - Lots of Good Stuff

I've found lots of good stuff lately.   For me, a food find is something high protein, low sugar and that tastes really good.

Beanitos Black Bean Chips.  These chips have 5G of protein and no sugars in each serving.  These chips don't taste like your standard corn tortilla chips, but they are still very good and great for dipping into a fat free, sugar free salsa.

Last weekend I cooked up some baby back ribs.  I found this G. Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce at Publix.  It taste just like regular sauce, without all the sugar. I highly recommend this.

Fit Crunch protein bar in the flavor peanut butter.  This bar 30G of protein and 6G of sugar.  It's dense like most high protein bars, but still really good.  It's also huge.  It took me two days to eat this bar.  The one drawback is that it is very messy.  It crumbles when you bite into it, so its not the best at work snack.  I really liked it and I will buy this brand again.

Atkins Cafe' Caramel Shake with real coffee - It's hard to go wrong with Atkins.  They really know how to do low carb.  These drinks are great.  The drawback for me is that I bought them because they are low carb and have coffee in them.  Unfortunately, there's not enough coffee.  I need real coffee in the afternoon, for which I bought these.  These are still great but not enough like real coffee for me.


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