Food Finds

If you've been reading my blog this year you know that I'm on a journey to finding a way of eating that helps me maintaining a healthy weight and better overall health.  I'll be 53 this year and I'm at the end of menopause.  How my body functions, how and where it stores fat has changed over the last ten years.

In recent weeks I've been trying to eliminate as much sugar as I can from my diet.  It has completely changed what foods I'm buying and eating.  Along with that I'm watching fat and protein levels.

I've come across some good stuff that I want to share and I'll call them Food Finds.  Here's the first two.

One.  These protein bars have only one gram of sugar and 21 grams of protein.  Protein bars are changing and for the better.  So many of them are full of sugar.  This brand is great.  They taste really good.  They are dense and work great as a meal replacement.  I use them on mornings when I don't feel like eating breakfast at 6 am.  Around 10 am I'm start munching on one of these.  My favorite flavor so far is the coconut ones.  I high recommend these.

Fat free cottage cheese and sugar free jams. The fat free cottage cheese is also sugar free, so this is a guilt-free, high protein snack or meal.  I put a cup of cottage cheese and a table spoon of sugar free jam into a plastic bowl with a lid and take is as a lunch a couple of days a weeks.
The sugar free jams are great used like this and on toast as well.  Just use them as you would use the full sugar jams except these are guilt free.


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