Trip to the Grocery Store

This week I continued to pay special attention to sugar content of what I was buying.  Along with that I'm trying to find foods that are high in protein and low in fat.
Frozen fruit - we use these berries in yogurt at night and I take a smoothie to work some mornings made from almond milk and frozen berries.

Chicken breasts - I'll bake them and put them with veggies for the week.

I found these brown n serve turkey sausages in the frozen department.  They are low in sugar and high in protein.
Smoked ham.  This is lunch meat for the week.  We'll use it on sandwiches and on salads.

Almond milk, low fat milk and eggs. 
Mediterranean Quinoa with tomatoes and quinoa with kale.  Both are high in protein and low in fat and sugar.

Fruit.  I try to buy what's in season.  There are so many great fruit right now and the cherries were on sale.

Tuna is a perfect food.  It's high in protein and low in fat.

I have a big crockpot going right now with bean soup.  I'll eat it over the royal blend rice.  High in protein and low in fat and sugar.

the fat free cheese is mine; high in protein and low in sugar.

These Tomas English muffins are low in calories and low in sugar and carbs.
Shredded carrots for salads.

Nuts.  High in protein and low in carbs.

These Tyson spicy chicken patties are high in protein and have only 2 grams of sugar.

Sugar free cookies.  My challenge with these will be eating them in moderation.  I really just wanted to try them to see if they are any good.  I'll probably put two in a baggie and take with my lunches.

These are for work.  I love me a sugar free mint after lunch to help with good breath.

Almond milk has no sugar; I'm replacing milk with this for coffee and smoothies.  The Bai drinks are also low in sugar.

My doctor recently told me to stop putting salt on my food.  So, I'm giving this Morton Salt Substitute a try.

Quest Bars.  These protein bars may turn out to be a food find.  I need to try them before I go that far.  They are high in protein and only 1 gram of sugar.  We'll see.

Vatamin C drops.  Two of these gives me my daily dose of vitamin C.  They taste great and are healthy.  I eat two of them in the mornings at work.

This is a repurchase.  My doctor has me taking a multivitamin with added iron, additional Vitamin D and a low dose asprin.   No, I don't need the prenatal vitamins for prenatal purposes.  I take this type of vitamin because they are high in everything that we older women need.


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