Weekend Shopping - Mostly Exercise Clothing

This shopping spree was all about work out clothing.  I needed some motivation to get out and get more exercise.  These nylon tops are great for early morning walk/jogs.  They are bright and easily seen and lightweight.  I got them at Walmart on clearance.

After finding those two nylon tops I found a rack of $5 tees with cute sayings on them.  I picked out the three I liked best.  On another clearance rack I found these green capri exercise pants for $5.

I just happened upon these short spandex tights to wear under dresses.  They are very light support and I really like them a lot.

These Hanes bralettes I was specifically looking for.  I had some already and I just love them.  They give me enough support for jogging but are so lightweight that I don't feel like I'm wearing anything.  I think they are perfect and I picked up four more.

I love color so when I got to the sock isle I picked these over the white ones.


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