Weekend Shopping - Work Essentials

I didn't do any shopping in local stores.  I needed some work clothing/accessory items so I ordered them at www.jcpenney.com

Worthington brand pants are my favorite for work.  My company recently switched to uniforms so my motivation to shop for clothing has disappeared.  I did need some black pants to go with my uniform blouse.  I found these pants on clearance for around $12 each so I bought five pair so I only have to do laundry at the end of the week.

I wanted to find some simple earrings that I can wear with my uniform, that's classic and simple and that I don't have to take out of me ears to shower.  I found these little hoops.  They are the perfect size.  They are stainless steel so they won't turn.  they are dainty and cute.

My black belt was showing some wear and tear so I picked up another.  It's a simple leather belt.

This is the other pair of earrings.  They turned out to be huge; much larger than I was looking for.  I'll keep them but I won't use them for work.  I'm on the phone a lot and these won't work. 


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