Weekend Shopping

My purchases this week were very practical.  CVS brand knew support bands - I needed some more knee and ankle bands that I use when I do my early morning walk/jogs.  These are inexpensive but give me the support I need.

It's still so hot that I've complete ditched wearing makeup.  I'm just wearing my tinted sunscreen with powder over it and some tinted lip balm.  I saw this and the Burts Bees one and thought they would both be good additions to what I have already.  I really like the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula balm, but it's in an oval case.  It's ackward to apply a lip balm that is this shape.  I like the color of it too.

I'm a Burt's Bees fan so I knew I'd like this lip balm.  The color is nice and it's easy to apply without a mirror.

Frizz Ease Touch-up Crème - this product was totally disappointing.  It does nothing for my hair.  It doesn't smooth my naturally wavy hair and it doesn't help with the frizz from high humidity.

Futuro Ankle Bands - I already have some of these and just needed another pair since I'm wearing them every day.  I have had problems with my knees and ankles for years and these bands really make my twice daily exercise possible.

Saucony sneakers - I purchased these from Amazon on sale.  I already have a pair of Saucony sneakers that I walk/jog in and love them.  I bought these to wear as part of my work uniform.  I love this brand.  They are super comfortable.


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