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Heart Healthy Foods for Hypertension - What I Ate This Week

My breakfasts this week, again, were mainly oatmeal.  I tried using different fruit in it each time for variety.

These are cherry bran muffins.  I made two dozen last weekend.  We eat them as snacks and I had two with a cup of decaf chai tea one morning.  These are high in fiber with no sugar or salt.
I used a teaspoon of peanut butter powder over oatmeal and raisins on this morning.  The peanut butter does have sodium in it so I use it in moderation.
Bananas with oatmeal and I think I also added a teaspoon of peanut butter powder.
This is pureed frozen strawberries over the oatmeal with a dollop of vanilla fat free greek yogurt.
On Friday I treated myself to a cup of grits with no salt seasonings and a tablespoon of Healthy Blends; it's a butter alternative.
I made salmon potato cakes and chicken and rice to take for my lunches last week.  Apparently I forgot to take a photo of the chicken and rice.  At any rate, I loved the salmon cakes.  Two of them fell apart so I crumbled the…

Around Town - Lake Silver

Today we walked around Lake Silver I needed to walk two miles to finish my five miles for the day and walking around the lake was a good way to get it.  I got the exercise I needed and some great photos along the way.

This is a small outdoor water park that is almost finished.  I took photos of it several months ago and now it's almost completed.  It's so cute and it will be great for families.

Salmon Potato Cakes Recipe


Around Town - Fall Events that I Plan to Attend

There are some neat events coming up in Polk county.  I really don't "do" many events.  I work full time Monday through Friday and the weekends are consumed with things like housework, laundry and cooking meals for the coming week.  And in between all that I try to rest.  We live in Central Florida so there are all the famous theme parks all around us.  LEGOLAND is only miles from our home.  But you know what?  We did all the theme parks to death while raising our kids.  These days I really don't enjoy huge crowds and standing in line for an hour for a two minute ride.  So, If I'm going to leave my home on the weekend for an event it has to be something that I'll enjoy and something that doesn't add stress to my life.  I searched the internet for fall events and I found three that look like something I'd enjoy.  Here's some information on the ones I'd like to go to: Lake Mirror Classic Auto FestivalName:Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival Date:Oc…

Crockpot Marinara Sauce Recipe


Chicken and Rice Recipe


Around Town - Drive Thru Buildings

Sometimes I don't really know what I've got until I get home and look at my photos.  Today I took photos of two buildings that I call drive thru buildings.  They sit very near to each other and I wonder if they were designed by the same architect during the same period.  I just think it's so neat to be able to drive through the middle of a building. 

The other photos were taken around the walking trail that starts at the fountain in the square and go out beside Lake Silver.

What to Eat When You Have Hypertension

Recently I was diagnosed with hypertension.  In layman's terns it's high bloodpressure.  Doesn't sound that bad does it?  Since that diagnosis I've educated myself.  hypertension is very serious.  It's the precursor to a lot of more serious conditions, none of which I want to have.  I do have a family history of high blood pressure and heart attacks so for me it's even more serious and not something to be ignored.

I've completely changed what I'm eating and how I'm cooking.  I've cleared out my kitchen of everything containing salt.  That means how I shop has changed.  Now I avoid all canned goods and anything in a box or prepackaged in any way.  When you start reading labels for salt content you realize quickly in order to avoid excessive sodium you have to buy fresh foods.

The biggest thing I've learned is that when you taste food and it taste really good....what you are tasting is salt.  Remove the salt from the food you eat and you'l…