Around Town - Totally Random

I've changed my exercise route do I'm not down town much anymore.  I've added a mile each day to my exercise so I need to just concentrate on that in the evenings, not photography.  I'll still take photos around town, but only on the weekends from now.  What follows are my photos from the last couple of weeks.

We've watched the development of this little water park adjacent to a great playground over the last few months.  It's finished now.

This photo was taken on a day when it was about to rain.

The above and below photos are about the cloud formations.  It was just about to rain on this day and I thought the sky looked interesting.

I never noticed it before, but on this day there were hanging planters on these two light poles.  So cute.

The painting on the building below is a series of lines.  You can only see the photo when you stand back away from the building.

I have yet to figure out what this little building is.  It's tiny but it must be something because otherwise it would have been knocked down by now.  It's one of the things I find so interesting about our downtown area; the mixture of very old, historical buildings.  There's architecture from the 1920's forward.


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