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Lake Hollingsworth, Lakeland

Lake Hollingsworth is in Lakeland, Florida.  That's about 30 minutes from where we live in Winter Haven.  It's another central Florida town with lakes literally everywhere.  Lake Hollingsworth has a trail all the way around it so we took a drive over.  The trail is approximately 4 miles long so it was a good walk and we enjoyed it.  There are several colleges and universities in Lakeland.  The campus on this lake has some very interesting architecture so I included a couple of photos of those as well as lake photos.

More Pics of Lake Howard, Winter Haven

This is such a beautiful lake and surrounding area.  Here are a few more pics I took yesterday:

Around Town - New Trail: Lake Howard

Lake Howard is located near the historic down town area of Winter Haven, Florida.  There is a new, paved trail on Lake Howard now that is approximately two miles long.  The lake area where the trail is located is beautiful.  It has become my new favorite place to walk.  Recently I took photos in the morning and again in the evening.  Here are the highlights from those photos: