Food Finds this week

My search continues for prepackaged foods that are low in sodium.  I try to cook with whole foods, from scratch, but these items make my life easier. 

Clint's Texas Salsa - I made guacamole today and I put this salsa into it.  It's very low in sodium; much lower than the popular bands.  It is also delicious mixed with several mashed avocados and a bit of lemon juice.  Excellent.

Rice Select Royal Blend with Flaxseed.  This is a mixture of light brown rice, whole wheat pearl couscous couscous, brown flaxseed, black lentils.  I'm eating this with homemade beans and roasted vegetables.  This mixture is not only really good but it adds texture to any dish.  I is sodium free.

Sun Maid Dried Tart Cherries - I like to add dried fruit to my salads and oatmeal.  This one is sodium free so it's a no brainer.

Barney Butter Almond Butter - Last week I tried the chai seed and I loved it.  It's perfect in my morning oatmeal.  It's pricey but well worth it.  It's the only nut butter I've found that's sodium free.

Mission White Corn Tortillas - I'm using these this weekend to make baked tortilla chips.  They are low in sodium and perfect as chips or for sandwich roll-ups.


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