Cranberry Delight

The two times when I serve cranberries are Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year I decided that I wanted to try something new.  This is light and sweet, but not too sweet.  It's perfect as a side dish or dessert.

Cranberry Delight
20 oz. crushed pinapple, juice drained and serverved
1 c. water
2 3 oz. packs of strawberry jellow
16 oz. can whole berry cranberry sauce
3 Tbl. lemon juice
2 c. Sour cream
1/2 c. Chopped walnuts

In a saucepan, heat pineapple juice and water to boiling; remove and add gelatin.  Add cranberry sauce, lemon juice.  Chill until slightly set.  Add sour cream, pineapple and walnuts.  Chill until firm.


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