A Stone Kissed Sea - The Elemental World Series

I've read almost all of Elizabeth Hunter's books.  I started with The Elemental Mysteries Series.  It's a five book series and I've read the first four books twice.  That's how much I like the series.

Then came The Elemental World Series.  It's a seven book series and I've read all those too.  I read several of them twice. 

A Stone Kissed Sea is a good ending to this part of the ongoing story of a group of immortal vampires.  Each novel has an element of romance, lots of action, mysteries, politics, drama, and battles.  Ms. Hunter is very good at character building.  I became attached to the original characters and that fondness has carried through all the books so far.  I really like the characters.  Not all of them are likeable, but even the evil characters are interesting.

The best part of how Elizabeth has build this whole make-believe vampire world is that I want to know more.  I want to see what will happen next.  I read a lot and there are very few books that I return to.  This series is one of the few.  I can't wait to see what will happen next.

I recommend all and any of Elizabeth Hunter's books.  If you enjoy fantasy, nonfiction, vampires, and romance, you will enjoy these books.


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