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Ketogenic Diet Update

I'm down one pound for the month of February.  That makes eleven pounds this year.  I think, after struggling for several weeks with Keto that I've figured out how to loose weight on this diet.

You have to eat very low carb.  Easy, right?  Options get far fewer the lower carb you go.  It's a very simple  way of eating that doesn't include much.  Yes, if you google keto food list you'll get a  wonderful long list of stuff you can eat.  Really look at that list.  It's meat, fats, whole fat dairy and leafy green vegetables.  There are other things on the veggie list, but it not stuff anyone likes.  You can have nuts but only in small portions.  You can have some non green leafy vegetables, but again, only in small portions.

I'm still committed to the plan.  I'm loosing weight so I'm still on board.  I just think that anyone trying this diet to loose weight has to be realistic.  You will have to dramatically change the way you have ever eaten.

I starte…

Morning at the Lake


Morning Motivation

I've started listening to this video every morning.  It's so motivational.  I, like many, need help staying motivated.  This isn't the only motivation I use on a daily basis, but I really like the message. 

The title is "End Laziness".  I have a choice each day whether or not to jump out of bed and get busy being better.  I need to be reminded of that daily.  Life is hard and sometimes it's really hard.  But I still have a choice each day about my attitude, regardless of my circumstances.

The secret to Florida gardening - A Non Gardener Gardens

I recently decided that I wanted to have a garden right outside one of my back door that leads from the laundry room to outside.  It's sunny there and the perfect place for a kitchen garden.  So I bought several books, one of which is by this author, David the Good, "Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening".  I'm using his recommendation on ingredients for best growing and my husband is going to make me one raised bed to begin with.  If I'm successful, I'll expand.  So today I started my bell pepper seeds and some tomato seeds.  I also started four avocado plants from seeds.  Once my husband has my raised bed completed next weekend,  I'll plant the other seeds I have. 
So, in the coming weeks and months, as there are developments, I'll post about it.  I'm so excited because this is my first garden.  If anything at all grows I will be thrilled.

I also have plans to plant several fruit trees that he recommends.  I can't find any of them locally r…

Gary Taubes ‘The Case Against Sugar’

I don't even know how I came across this video.  I think it came up in my "recommended" feed on Youtube.  It's long; it took my two sittings to listen to the whole thing and I really need to go back and listen to it again.  It's a lot of information but it's very good information.  This guy is not a doctor, which he says at the beginning.  He's an investigative journalist.

I have to say that we're pretty much stopped eating sugar.  I haven't bought real sugar in years, but we were still consuming products that contained sugar.  It's hard to eat anything pre-packaged that doesn't contain sugar.  But after watching this video I am even more convinced than ever that I'm on the right track with a low carb lifestyle that excludes all sugar.

I definitely think this video is worth the time to watch it.

Low Carb Food Finds this Week

Birds Eye Riced Cauliflower - cauliflower is very low in carbs and also very versatile.  The drawback is that it's so versatile that it's easy to overeat.  Moderation is key.

 Radish Ministicks - radishes are extremely low in carbs and the perfect potato replacement.  This vegetable is a winner all around.  They can be used in any way that we would normally use potatoes.

 Quest Protein Chips - these taste exactly like chips.  They are relatively low in carbs too.  They are a great snack, but they are also wasted calories that don't help in weight loss.  They are also expensive; almost $3/bag. 

 Bertolli White Wine Vinegar, Pompean Red Wine Vinegar, Coconut Vinegar - all three are low in carbs and taste pretty much same; like vinegar.  I'm using them on my salads this week.

 Mac's Salt & Vinegar Pork Skins - These are so good; they are addicting.  They are low in carbs, but again, they are wasted calories when on a diet. 

Keto - What I Ate This Week

Salmon Cakes - I've made these before and we love them.  I fried them in butter.  I used canned salmon to save some money and I couldn't tell any difference between the canned and fresh.

 Sauted spinach, mushrooms and bacon - This was a side dish that we ate with the meats.  Simple and so good.
 Roasted radishes - These are my potato substitute.  Once roasted they really do taste like potatoes.

 Fried porkchops - I fried these in butter and they were delicious

 Crockpot beef and brocoli - I slowcooked this dish and my husband loved it.  It was not my favorite of the week but it was ok.

 Breaded spicy chicken patties with fresh green beans with bacon.  I put low carb pizza sauce over the patties and added some mozzerella cheese.  Not really low carb but delicious.

Breaded chicken tenders with pasta sauce served with sauted squash and zuchini with cheese.  Again, not really a low carb dish, but we loved it.

Another Low Carb Week...Well, Sort Of

I had intended to really keep to low carb eating last week.  I also needed to use up two packages of Tyson Chicken; breaded chicken tenders and breaded spicy chicken patties.  Neither was very low carb.  When I bought them I was only looking at sugar content and they were both sugar free, but not carb free.  When you add that to the veggies and it doesn't add up to a terribly low carb week.

I held my own on the scale though; I didn't gain any weight.  So, this week I've gone back to eating lots of salads packed with lettuce; it's really low carb.  I made a big basic salad and each morning I will my lunch container with that and add things like avocado, eggs and cheese.

Ultimately I believe I'm not loosing weight because I'm still consuming too many calories.  The question is, am I willing to drop my calories low enough to loose weight.  The jury is out on that because I don't feel like I'm eating too much food.  I skip breakfast, drink a low carb drink …