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Three Lipsticks and a Lipliner

I'm always on the lookout for matte lipsticks in colors that I can wear any time, anywhere.  The brand is Rimmel.  The packaging of these lipsticks is so pretty.  I'm just a sucker for pretty lipsticks.  These are supposed to be longwearing lipstick.  They aren't.  These lipsticks are very soft and creamy; almost too soft.  When I blot my lips, almost all the color blots off. 
 The colors are:  You're All Mine, Peachy Beachy, Mauve-Ment
Mauve-Ment is completely nothing on my lips.  It just doesn't show at all.  Then I blot it and it's all gone.  The other two colors are pretty, but again, there's no staying power at all.

Moving along to the lipliner.  It's Milani and the color is nude.  It's a rosy brown.  This is a lovely color.  On my lips it's a neutral that would go with any lipstick color.  I live this liner very much.  It's pretty and just looks great.  

Physicians Formula Super BB and Super CC Creams

This was another buy one, get one 75% off.  They are both in the Light shade.  They both are 1.2 fluid oz. They are both 30spf.

I prefer to wear products like these during the summer because its so hot and humid here in Florida.  They are lightweight and have a good amount of sun protection built in.  I apply these with a wet sponge and I get very sheer coverage; just enough to cover my redness, but still look very natural.  It's a no makeup makeup look.

Physicians Formula Argan Wear

On one of my recent trips to the drugstore to get one little thing, I left with a bag full of makeup.  Physicians Formula was buy one, get one 75% off; who could pass that up?  Not me.  Here's what I got:

I've loved Physicians Formula brand bronzers and blushes for many years.  They just seem to work well with my skin tone.  I'm am very pale naturally.  I've been wearing sunscreen all the time for at least the last ten years, so I'm super white.  I can be challenging for very pale-skinned women to find blushes and bronzers that are not too pigmented. 

This is the Light Bronzer and Natural Blush and they are just right for my skin tone.  I even use a combination of the two as my eyeshadow.  I end up with a very natural, glowy look and that's what I like.

High Protein High Fiber Blueberry Muffins

These were supposed to be made with Wheat bran but I couldn't find a store that carried it.  So, I used what I could get, All Bran cereal and whole wheat flour.  These are so good.  Each muffin is 100 calories so I eat two for breakfast with my 15 calorie coffee.  Perfect.

2 cups All Bran cereal
1 cup whole wheat flour
7 eggs, beaten
1 cup Swerve
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
two containers of blueberries (I used fresh but you could use frozen just as well)

Mix all ingredients.  Pour into 14 muffin tins.  I did mine in a cake pan and then cut them up.  Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until knife is inserted and comes out clean.

Spiralizer - Game Changer

The Spiralizer.  This little gadget has changed my life.  It turns zucchini into pasta.  It turns any vegetable that can you fit into the device into pasta.  I loved the way the zucchini tastes so much I had it last week as a cold salad and this week I'm using it as a pasta substitute with marinara sauce.

For anyone who, like me, tries to eat a low carb diet, this tool is essential.  After using it for two weeks I can't imagine not having it.  The list of dishes that can be created are countless.

Here is the cold salad I took last week:

And here's how I'm using it this week for a hot dish:
I pour the sauce over the zucchini and heat it in the microwave for two minutes.

5 Month Weight Loss Update - Stalled at a Red Light

I hit my first stall.  For the last month I've followed my plan.  I've had some really hard days but my weight has steadily gone down...until now.  It's hard to work so hard only to step on the scale at the end of a really long weed to see that I've not lost any weight.  I ate so healthy, I got up at 5:30 am and walked 2 miles 6 days a week.  And still, nothing. 

So, I took the weekend to regroup.  I've tried to some up with a strategy that help me continue to loose weight.  I've worked too hard to quit now.  I still have six months left till I turn 54 and I'm going to spend that time fighting.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  What matters is what happens over the long term.  Temporary stalls are not important and completely normal.  What matters is the slight downward movement over time.

Here are my changes to for the coming week.  I spent the weekend coming up with dishes that are low in calories, filling and healthy.  I added a mile of jogging/walking…

This Week's Diet Staples

Here are a few of the items I picked up at the grocery store that will help me stay on plan and not overeat:

 Sugar Free Hard Candy - when it's another hour before I go to lunch, one of these helps me push on through.  They aren't calorie free, so I only eat one or two a day.
 Pioneer Woman Lunch Bag and Drink Canister - If you're going to take your lunch to work, do so in a pretty bag.  This is an insulated bag that's cute and practical.  It's wipeable and came with the canister.  It's like carrying a pretty handbag to lunch.  I love it.  Walmart carries the Pioneer brand.
 Sugar free sweet gherkins - I eat these with salads or wraps or even alone.  They taste great and are a guilt free treat.
 Sugar free jello.  I pre-make enough containers of jello to last the week.  This is my after dinner snack.  It's very low calorie and filling.  Just what I need after dinner when I'm still hungry.
 Bacon Bits - Only 25 calories in a tablespoon.  Perfect for sala…

Around Town Photos Floral

We went down town Winter Haven to walk twice this week in the afternoon after I got home from work.  Here are my photos:

Week Four Weigh In and Meal Prep

I'm down another 2 pounds this week.  That's 17 pounds since the beginning of January.  I'm still doing low carb and keeping my calorie count around 1000 per day.  I've decided to go back to having  a free day on Sunday.  I need a break from dieting.  I've been loosing 2 lbs. per week and if I see that the day off is stalling me I'll get rid of it, but for now it stays. 

The main reason I re instituted my day off is a documentary I watched on Youtube:
There is an hour long documentary that you can find on her channel.  So interesting.

I feel very motivated at this point.  I can't wait to get to the 20 lb. mark.  That will be a major accomplishment. 

Here's my meal prep for last week.

 For Dinner each day I had this dish of chicken, mushrooms, broccoli and onion sauteed together.

 For lunch each day I took this cabbage soup that had sausage, carrots, green beans and onion.

For breakfast each morning I had two eggs, scrambled with peppers and onions and t…