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Restart of the Container Garden

It's almost a total re-do.  The tomatoes continued to look so bad that I pulled them out and replanted cherry tomatoes.  I still have the peppers and they look ok so far.  The big chest is gone and I've added a few more containers.  I'm having lots of fun watching everything sprout, but I still don't know if I'll end up getting any food from these plants.  We've had lots of rain so I haven't had to water much.  Right now everything is looking good.

One of the two avocado seeds that I put in soil doesn't look alive anymore so I'm starting two more seeds.  When it comes to fruit trees multiples is key because there's no telling if all of them will make it to maturity.

I've also decided to sprout some sweet potatoes.  Right now I have two sweet potatoes in water.  Once the slips appear I'll plant them in a couple of large containers.

I'm excited to see what will happen over the next few months.

Weight Loss Journey - I'm not stalled; I'm Just Idling

Live and learn.  I've chosen to see every part of my weight loss journey this year as a learning opportunity.  Last week I was relearning something.

Back at the beginning of the year I tried OMAD; one meal a day.  It didn't work for me.  I got so hungry that I eventually binged and spend the next two months getting back on track.  So, when I decided to incorporate intermittent fasting a few weeks ago I though I had learned enough from my previous experience; I hadn't.

I started out doing 14:10; fasting for 14 hours and eating window open for 10.  I did great.  I continued to count calories and abide by the schedule.  It was easy.  So, this last week I went to a shorter eating window; 16:8 so that I could fast longer.  That meant that I had to do all my eating at work; not great.  I think I panicked.  Eating at my desk is tricky and it really didn't work for me.  Also, I took enough food for three meals and I really loaded my lunch with calories.  And I didn't count…

Foods that Cause You to Lose Weight

Foods that Cause You to Lose Weight by Neal Barnard, M.D.

Well, I'm zero for two on Dr. Barnard's books.  Last week Power Food came in and it was a huge disappointment.  Then this book came in and once again I'm so disappointed.  I only paid about $4 for this book, used and I'm so glad.

It's not a bad book.  It's just not what I thought it was, again.  Once again I thought there would be come kind of list of foods that have the negative calorie effect.  This is a cookbook.  It's plant based recipes.  That's great, if that's what you thought you were buying.  I wasn't looking for a cookbook.

Dr. Barnard has a viewpoint and I can appreciate that.  But, please use titles that describe what's actually in the book.  I have absolutely nothing against plant based recipes.  I'm trying to eat more and more vegetables.  I just wasn't looking for a cookbook.

Low Carb Chocolate Nut Granola

I'm taking this to work with me as my breakfast.  It is so good.  Here's the recipe:

 1 cup of the following nuts:
pumpkin seeds
flax seeds
unsweetened coconut
low sugar dried fruit
1/3 cup of the following:
sugar free syrup
1 entire brick of bakers unsweetened chocolate, chopped

 Mix all ingredients.  Put parchment paper in 13 x 13 pan.  Bake at 350 degrees F for 20 minutes.  Cool completely then break up.  This made enough for 10 of my take to work containers.

The Secret to Loosing Weight after 40 - You Gotta Work

I'm sure that comes as no surprise to anyone who is over 40 and who has tried to loose weight.  You gotta work!

The good news...I'm half way through June and I've lost 23 pounds.  I can't tell you how motivating and energizing that is.

Now the the hard reality...I have literally worked my ass off this last week.  I got up at 5:30 seven days in a row and walked/jogged two plus miles.  It was 2 but this last week I did two more little laps just around my block.  Not sure how much that added to the length but adding just a little on the end seemed doable.  Five evenings after work I did 30 minutes on my step then I did 40 lunges and 10 jumps.  I've read that jumping is very good for full body fitness.  Lifting my fat ass into the air does indeed take my full body to get it done.

I'm still fasting a minimum of 14 hours daily, from 5 pm till 7 am the next day.  I work till about 4:10pm so I've been racing home each day and having something small befor…

Gardening for the Non-Gardener June Update

In the extra four containers I've planted squash, zucchini, spinach and cucumbers.

 These are the pepper plants that I replanted.

 Here are the four tomato plants that I replanted.  They look pretty bad, but I thought it was work a chance that they might make it.

We learn by our mistakes, right?  I hope so because I've started over with my gardening endeavour.  I made a mistake by not putting drainage in the large container I started with.  Most of the tomato plants died.

So, this weekend I decided to start over.  I bought some large plastic containers from Walmart for $5 each and transfer the soil from the chest into those.  I saved four of the tomato plants that looked like they might make it.  I also replanted some of the pepper plants.

One of the things I learned is that using one large container doesn't necessarily mean more planting space than you would have in smaller containers.  The soil I had in that one larger box filled four containers.  So now, instead of ju…

The Lion's Courtship by Annelie Wendeberg

This is a Historical Fiction Mystery.  The Lion's Courtship is a prequel to the three book series, The Devil's Grin, The Journey, and The Fall.

The Lion's Courtship is a dark, gritty mystery/thriller/romance.  The romance component of the story builds gradually until the very end of the story.  This story is also very graphic.  There is a very disturbing abortion scene.  If that sort of thing bothers you, don't read this book.  Honestly, once I realized what the scene was I skipped it.  I didn't think it would make the story better for me and I think I made the right decision.  But, even with skipping that one section, the whole story takes place in the slums of London during the late 1800's.  So keep that in mind.

I was captured by the relationship that evolves and developes between the main character, Anna, who mascarades as a male doctor and Garrett, a thief that is on the brink of starvation constantly.  Starvation is a constant theme in this story because…

Revisiting Intermittent Fasting

At the end of each week I re-evaluate where I am with my weight loss and make any changes necessary.  As I posted last weekend, I was stalled for a couple of weeks.

One of the things I've done and stuck to is adding 30 minutes of exercise after I get home from work in the early evening.  I believe that is helping to firm me up but I don't think it's burning enough calories to amount to any loss.  It's a good thing and definitely a move in the right direction to make that part of my lifestyle as I age so I'm glad I started it and stuck to it.

I decided to also incorporate intermittent fasting.  Back at the beginning of the year I read up on it and tried OMAD (one meal a day) for a short period.  It was way too drastic a change for me and I couldn't sustain it.

For those not familiar with intermittent fasting, here's a short video by Dr. Berg.  I watch a lot of his videos and I highly recommend his channel:

I'm …

What's Good on Netflix June 2017

Anne with an "E" on Netflix.  It's a remake of the 1985 mini-series Anne of Green Gables.  I don't usually like remakes and I'm not saying this is better than the original.  But it's good.  The young lady who plays Anne, Amybeth McNulty, does an excellent job.

The story line is similar, but not the same.  It's just different enough to be recognizable, and still interesting for it's own content.  I've only seen two episodes and I'm excited about seeing the rest.  This show is totally family friendly.

It's Not All About The Scale

According to the scale I'm still stalled.  But I feel thinner and firmer.  My clothes are fitting so much better.  I'm still determined to get that scale to show me lower numbers, but I'm satisfied with my effort this last week.

I got up Monday - Friday at 5:30 am.  I walked my first mile and jogged/walked my second mile.  Five evenings I did my step for 30 minutes.  And I even did some stretches 3 nights. 

My diet is still right on point.  I'm keeping my calories right around 1000 calories.  I still expect to see those numbers go down at any time now.

I just ordered a couple of used books from Amazon.  They are both by Neal D. Barnard, MD:
 Power Foods for the Brain
Foods that Cause you to Loose Weight

I saw some videos by Dr. Barnard on Youtube and I was impressed so I looked him up and found that he has authored several books.  I bought both of these every inexpensively.

I continue to educate myself.  I love reading, so I will continue to explore plans and advice th…

What's Good on Amazon June 2017

Amazon Original - Catastrophe Season 3

I've seen all three seasons now.  Season one is the best, but season 2 and 3 are good too.  There are parts that are just laugh out loud funny.

It's quirky and the language is VERY GRAPHIC.  If sex talk offends you, please don't watch this.  I think the language may be even more graphic in season 3 than in previous seasons, but it's been a while since I watched 1 and 2 so I'm not sure.

This is the continuing story of the odd coupling of an American named Rob and his Irish wife Sharon, who reside in London.  By now they've had two children and hard times set in.  How they respond to the trials and tribulations of love and relationships is real and hilarious.

I don't normally like shows with this much explicit language, but the story is just so funny.  I'm only recommending this show to those who understand what I'm saying about R rated story line and you're ok with that.  Otherwise, please skip it.

Split Second by Douglas E. Richards

I'm still trying to read one book a month.  This is a good one.  Split Second by Douglas E. Richards.  It's a time travel thriller. 

Imagine that you could travel back in time 1/2 second.  That's right, 1/2 second.  What could you do?  What changes could you make?  It's less time than the blink of an eye.  Doesn't seem like it's that much of a discovery does it.  Well, apparently it is. 

This is a scientific mystery/thriller.  There is lots of science explained here.  There are twists and turns.  Just when you think you've figured it out, you haven't.  If you enjoy mysteries that are complicated and take lots of thinking to understand lots of science talk, you'll like this book. 

I enjoyed it alot.  Once I understood that the story was a lot more complicated than I initially thought, I liked it even better.