Foods that Cause You to Lose Weight

Foods that Cause You to Lose Weight by Neal Barnard, M.D.

Well, I'm zero for two on Dr. Barnard's books.  Last week Power Food came in and it was a huge disappointment.  Then this book came in and once again I'm so disappointed.  I only paid about $4 for this book, used and I'm so glad.

It's not a bad book.  It's just not what I thought it was, again.  Once again I thought there would be come kind of list of foods that have the negative calorie effect.  This is a cookbook.  It's plant based recipes.  That's great, if that's what you thought you were buying.  I wasn't looking for a cookbook.

Dr. Barnard has a viewpoint and I can appreciate that.  But, please use titles that describe what's actually in the book.  I have absolutely nothing against plant based recipes.  I'm trying to eat more and more vegetables.  I just wasn't looking for a cookbook.


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