Gardening for the Non-Gardener June Update

 In the extra four containers I've planted squash, zucchini, spinach and cucumbers.

 These are the pepper plants that I replanted.

 Here are the four tomato plants that I replanted.  They look pretty bad, but I thought it was work a chance that they might make it.

We learn by our mistakes, right?  I hope so because I've started over with my gardening endeavour.  I made a mistake by not putting drainage in the large container I started with.  Most of the tomato plants died.

So, this weekend I decided to start over.  I bought some large plastic containers from Walmart for $5 each and transfer the soil from the chest into those.  I saved four of the tomato plants that looked like they might make it.  I also replanted some of the pepper plants.

One of the things I learned is that using one large container doesn't necessarily mean more planting space than you would have in smaller containers.  The soil I had in that one larger box filled four containers.  So now, instead of just having tomatoes and peppers planted, I have those and two other kinds of seeds planted. 

I ended up going back and getting more containers, so now I have six, each with something different planted in them.  It's late to start a garden so I'm not sure what I'll end up with, but this is for fun.  I'm learning as I go.

I also decided to plant the two avocado seeds that I had started in water months ago.  I've had these two avocado seeds sitting in water for several months now and neither seemed to be doing great.  I thought it was time to see if they were going to do anything.

I know from many videos that I've watched that avocado trees take years to mature and begin to fruit.  So this is a very slow process for these little plants.  I'll let them sit on my patio and keep them watered and hopefully they will both flourish.


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