Weight Loss Journey - I'm not stalled; I'm Just Idling

Live and learn.  I've chosen to see every part of my weight loss journey this year as a learning opportunity.  Last week I was relearning something.

Back at the beginning of the year I tried OMAD; one meal a day.  It didn't work for me.  I got so hungry that I eventually binged and spend the next two months getting back on track.  So, when I decided to incorporate intermittent fasting a few weeks ago I though I had learned enough from my previous experience; I hadn't.

I started out doing 14:10; fasting for 14 hours and eating window open for 10.  I did great.  I continued to count calories and abide by the schedule.  It was easy.  So, this last week I went to a shorter eating window; 16:8 so that I could fast longer.  That meant that I had to do all my eating at work; not great.  I think I panicked.  Eating at my desk is tricky and it really didn't work for me.  Also, I took enough food for three meals and I really loaded my lunch with calories.  And I didn't count calories at all.  Total fail.  I knew by Thursday that I was eating too much so I cut out the 3:30pm snack and opted for some fruit as soon as I got home.  I didn't loose any weight last week.  It was too much food.

So, lesson learned.  I've prepped my meals for my lunches next week.  I'm going back to 14:10.  I'll eat breakfast at home (green smoothie), fast until lunch, have a big salad, fast again until I get hom from work and eat a little yogurt and fruit.  I'll fast from 5 pm - 7 am the next morning.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  What I was doing was working great.  Why did I have to fiddle with it?

Here are my salads for the coming week:

 For breakfast I'm having a green smoothie:  almonds, almond milk, kale, spinach, blueberries

Let's talk about exercise for a minute because I'm excited about how far I've come with this.  I'm still doing my 2+ mile walk/jog in the mornings.  Tomorrow I'm extending it to 3 miles.  My afternoon workouts have really gone well.  I've been able to add to my 30 minutes of step.  In addition to that I'm not doing some lunges, jumping, tension bands and exercise ball.  Exercise if half of the equation for me so I want to make sure that I continue to make progress in that area as well as nutrition.

Now I need to eat some crow.  In recently purchased two books written by Dr. Neal Barnard.  I blasted both of them because I didn't feel like I got what I thought I had paid for.  That's still true.  However,  I've spent the last week watching lectures by Dr. Barnard.  He has given me so much to think about in terms of my diet.  I tried a vegetarian lifestyle for a whole year when I was in my 30's.  It was before being vegetarian became popular.  There was no internet or youtube.  I had no idea what I was doing.  After a year I gave up.  Now I'm giving it another look.

It is so confusing because there are numerous doctors, who all sound so convincing.  It's hard to tell who is right and who isn't.  I'll just continue to educate myself and try to make the best choices that I can.  But in the spirit of trying to be fair, here's one of Dr. Barnard's lectures about dairy:

It's a whole lecture, so it's long, but well worth the time.


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